Eat Pray Live

Plant based and raw food diet consultation, workshops and retreats

Through food we relate and connect to nature, either consciously or subconsciously. When we change our value system relative to food, we change our values about the world as a whole, becoming more connected to the foods we consume and more aware of their source. The sun provides light, energy and a wide spectrum of nutrients necessary for health. Our bodies are made of solar cells, and use light energy for nourishment. By eating foods close to the Earth, minimally processed and in their most natural, live state, we infuse our bodies with light and energy from the sun. Explore how adding more raw and living foods to your diet provides greater nourishment and better health. Learn how "superfoods" are both a nutrient dense food and a medicine. SMR offers workshops that will build foundations for your ultimate health and longevity.

Shamanic Healing and Ceremonies

All humans have an aspect of self that is invisible but very real, defined as our essence or soul. Spirituality is about being connected with this essence while being in and of the physical world. Spirituality is a deeply personal experience, individualistic and open to a variety of ideas and influences. Spiritual practices may include meditation, prayer, contemplation and ceremony. These practices help develop a person’s inner journey of discovery while connecting them to a larger reality, human community, nature, the cosmos or a divine universal realm. Developing a greater sensitivity to the spiritual in life and seeing the sacred in all things allows us to be centered in our hearts and find inner peace and balance. We offer individual Shamanic healing sessions as well as community-centered ceremonies.

Shamanic Healing and Ceremonies

A healthy, conscious lifestyle is one that balances mind, body and spirit. This holistic approach fosters sustainable living practices, respect for the Earth and all her inhabitants and supports physical, emotional and spiritual well being. Throughout history, cultures that promoted this balanced approach to living were among the healthiest on the planet. By returning to our roots, we open ourselves to the wisdom of the ages and to lifestyle practices which support and nurture our fullest expression of self. Sacred Medicine Roots offers lectures on Plant Based Nutrition, Raw diet/lifestyle and Healthy, Conscious children. Our signature "Earth Seedlings" classes teach children a reverence for the natural world and healthy eating habits. We also offer healing retreats and a growing list of resources to support your healthy lifestyle.